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Sarah Cooksey

A picture of Sarah Cooksey smiling.

Operations Director

Education: Degree, Business Studies and Finance ILEX and Cert CII.

Sector experience: 23 years.

Years of industry experience: Worked as a Legal Exec for 6 years before joining BEAM.

Star sign: Aries – but not typical apparently.

Favourite cake: Lemon Drizzle.

Drink: Strong – two bags and a chocolate biscuit if possible.

Interests outside of BEAM: Family, friends and speedway.

Riskiest activity ever taken part in: I’d like to say skiing or rock climbing, but it has to be dancing the “ovaltinies” in front of 2000+ people, up on a slippery bar whilst working for Haven Holidays. Then did a Bungee Jump on the beach the next day. Still can’t decide which was most frightening.

Interesting fact: I have grade 8 in both piano and clarinet. I make a decent job of decorating cakes and sometimes they even look like I intended.