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Modern manufacturing organisations need partners that can manage risk for a variety of outcomes. Can you execute the business plan with risks mitigated? Are day to day operations protected with scenario planning in place? Who can assist with capital funding as the organisation grows?

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We take a different approach. Once we know how the business is going to evolve and grow, we review your existing profile and make sure you’re covered for whatever path the business takes.

You have cover in place but will it perform how you think it will?


Your equipment; it might be used at night, attended or unattended. It’s all in the detail and you need to be sure you are covered for how you operate. Do you need to check if your current policy has exclusions that could catch you out?

You experience material damage to equipment or a facility

If you suffer material damage to equipment or a facility, what’s the impact on revenue and ability to execute to fulfil orders and satisfy customer demand?

If it is bespoke equipment and will take 6 months to replace, does your policy cover the lost revenue until you are fully operational again? Is the indemnity period long enough to recover from material damage if you have to source and move into new facilities or replace vital equipment?

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Business Continuity

It’s our job to think beyond your risk and look further. We help you mitigate risk through your supply chain so if a supplier or partner experiences disruption that impacts on you, we have planned for it and you have policies in place that protects your revenue and business.


I hadn’t thought about cyber crime, but actually once I had spoken to BEAM Insurance Solutions I made sure both the factory and the ecommerce side of the business was covered. I knew nothing about the correct type of Cyber insurance and BEAM Insurance Solutions explained it to me clearly and guided me to the right decision.

Director, Manufacturing Company

A manufacturing business selling to wholesalers started selling online during the pandemic. As a new, and successful, ecommerce business selling direct to customers there were other implications to his insurance that he hadn’t thought of. His insurance advisor at BEAM Insurance Solutions pointed out that he needed Cyber insurance to safeguard data which included details of customers, suppliers, and employees.

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