How we work

We offer a high quality, advice-led service by leading professionals, which focuses on employee and supplier relationships. We pride ourselves on our face-to-face relationship with our customers, one which doesn’t just happen as policies are due to be renewed, but which happens for the full 12 months of the year. Our aim is to reduce the risk for our clients and this involves a detailed process of due diligence, research and market knowledge.

Beam Insurance

With you every step of the way

A dedicated team of experts works with each client to identify, manage and reduce potential risks within your business. This specialist market knowledge gives BEAM Insurance Solutions the edge over other brokers. We offer end to end support so you can concentrate on managing and growing your business. We look to add value at all times – placing the insurance is often the easy part!

On the occasions we have needed to call upon our policies, the team at BEAM Insurance Solutions has always provided us with a high level of service and assistance, which has reinforced our decision to work with them over the past 23 years.

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