Tailoring the right insurance packages for you

If you own or manage several properties, you need a broker that understands property management and how to build an insurance package that protects you and your tenants.


We have long standing relationships with portfolio owners, landlords and managing agents and bring years of experience with commercial, residential and mixed-use portfolios. It’s our job to review your insurances, checking for exclusions and levels of cover making sure there’s nothing in the detail that might catch you out.

Ask yourself...


Does your cover comply with your lease obligations? Are you compliant with your lender warranties? Have you assessed if your building sum insured is adequate against the building definition in your policy?

It is often the first thing a loss adjuster looks at when handling a claim, which is why we ask more questions and delve deeper to understand your property and future plans, and create a package that has you covered.


Being on the ball meant that all our insurance conditions were met. It’s been hard enough during the pandemic and the last thing I needed right now was to pay for flood damage, and to replace the tenants’ furniture and equipment.

Property Owner

An office block had a flood over Christmas when pipes burst. The office had been unoccupied for months due to Covid-19 restrictions, but the tenants were making sure the heating was on low and adequate security was provided.

Most insurance policies have conditions that properties that have been unoccupied for up to 21 days must have these things in place. Fortunately for the landlord, BEAM Insurance Solutions had been in regular contact and made sure these conditions were adhered to and there was an extension to the wording on the policy so he was covered for the flood, despite the building being unoccupied for more than 21 days.

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