The BEAM Motor Claim App

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Road incident claims take on average 23 days to be reported with third party costs incurring from day one. The BEAM motor claim app makes it easy for your employees to report a claim in real time, speeding up the process and saving you money.


An average saving of £250 per claim covers the cost of the app for 1 year!


Instant Benefits

The app makes it easy for employees to capture key information in the event of road incident.

A faster response reduces third party costs including car hire charges and speeds up the process.

By aiding insurers in the defence of claims, your premiums could be reduced.

Protect the reputation of your company and drivers.

How it works

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Gain data driven insights that identifies road incident trends, opportunities to improve data capture, and recommend training where required:

Beam Insurance


Beam Insurance

Time of day when
claims occur

Beam Insurance

Where vehicles are most often damaged

Beam Insurance

How often witness details are being captured

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