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Dianne Richardson

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Senior Account Handler

Sector experience: CII Proficiency in Insurance.

Sector experience: Motor Insurance – Head of Special Schemes and Delegated Authority.

High Street Broker – Personal Lines.

London Commercial Broker – with own PO portfolio worth in excess of £2m GWP.

Johnston Park McAndrew since 2009.

Years of industry experience: Since I left school…
Clients worked with: Developed specialist products and relationships, monitored and audited large brokerages.

Handled a £2m+ property owner portfolio for CPP CIN La Salle.

Range of clients with Commercial needs and specialising in Professional Indemnity.

Star sign: Scorpio.

Favourite cake: I’d prefer a hot sausage roll, but cake is okay too…

Drink: Strong and wet.

Interests outside of BEAM: I love drama and have participated in everything from Shakespeare to panto; though I’m still waiting for a vacancy as Beatrice to materialize. I’m currently tip toeing into film work and writing. I enjoy being creative, whether with paint, words or costumes and like to push myself outside my natural comfort zone. Spending time with my children is my highest priority, (though I do have to just nod at some of the game and tech bits…). So most of time is spent supporting homework, taking my daughter to drama and auditions (mini me – poor thing) and nodding with my son!

Interesting fact: I can’t just sneeze once.