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The new logo on a white background with the company web address and phone number beneath.

We have rebranded!

Johnston Park McAndrew, a provider of advice led commercial insurance for more than 20 years, announced today the launch of a new corporate brand identity and name.

the words "Key Health and Safety Concerns in Construction" on a white background.

Key Health and Safety Concerns in Construction

The HSE RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) reports from the past six years in the construction industry offer a visual representation of the most fatal sector in the UK.

A mass of envelopes flying across the screen. Under them the words "Make Your Email Marketing Compliant" hang.

Make Your Email Marketing Compliant

Over the years, marketing campaigns have evolved from the simple, en masse postal delivery to the more audience-specific electronic system.

A cloud stencil in from of the blue sky with a real cloud drifting behind it. The words "Using Cloud Storage Safely" hang below it.

Using Cloud Storage Safely

For businesses looking to share resources quickly and effectively, cloud storage can be an attractive answer. 

A picture of an pdf documenton Cyber Continuity and Incident Response Plan Toolkit.

Cyber Continuity and Incident Response Plan Toolkit

Download the Cyber Continuity and Incident Response Plan Toolkit here…

A laptop displaying a white website with 4 coloured icons on the screen. The words "Avoid Crushing Losses with Practical Website Security".

Avoid Crushing Losses with Practical Website Security

Cyber-criminals are constantly looking for improperly secured websites to attack.

A close up picture of a server with the words "Boost Your Network Security" floating across it.

Boost Your Network Security

As the amount of sensitive information on your network grows, the need for appropriate measures to ensure the data isn’t compromised grows.

An image of a stop sign in front of green fields with the word "Identify and Limit Cyber-Crime" hanging over it.

Identify and Limit Cyber-Crime

The amount of information stored on servers and databases is growing every day. As it is so valuable, hackers are always trying to steal it.

A picture of a man falling through the sky. Above him floats the words "Mastering Loss of Control Techniques".

Mastering Loss of Control Techniques

Protecting your business from cyber-risks can be an overwhelming venture.

The words "Website Risk Exposure Checklist" on a white background.

Website Risk Exposure Checklist

Download the Cyber Risk Exposure Excel Calculator here…

A smart phone lying on the ground with a smashed screen. The words "Your Old Device Could Be Fatal To Your Data Security" float above it.

Your Old Device Could Be Fatal To Your Data Security

Revolutionary technology is released constantly. Every day, new gadgets are touted as the must-have tool to ensure future business success. 

A picture of 5 doors lit by a top light and all look the same. The words "How to Prepare for the Day After a 'No-deal' Brexit" float below in BEAM green.

Prepare for the Day After a ‘No-deal’ Brexit

While the government said that a ‘no-deal’ is unlikely—recent government releases regarding accelerated planning for this scenario emphasise the need to prepare for any result.

A photo of a man in a blue shirt writing on some paper. The words "Policies to Mitigate Cyber Liability" floats below.

Policies to Mitigate Cyber Liability

All companies should develop and maintain clear, robust policies for safeguarding critical business data and sensitive information.

A picture of an excel document that has a table for cyber risk calculation..

Cyber Risk Exposure Excel Calculator

Download the Cyber Risk Exposure Excel Calculator here…

A picture of a cartoon drawing done in crayon. There is a computer with the digital icons for a phone book, a person, a google maps pin, an email icon, a group of people, a mobile phone, the internet, another computer and a pen - floating around the computer.

Protect Your Emails!

Email has become a critical part of everyday business, from internal management to direct customer support.

An image of a smart phone lying on a grey desk. The phone is displaying a internet security graphic that has an on/off switch. The switch is at on. The words "How Safe Is Your Data?" float across the image.

How Safe Is Your Data?

Data security is crucial. Information like bank account details is often impossible to replace and dangerous in the hands of criminals.

The words "Cyber Risk Exposure Calculator" in ed capitals against a white background.

Cyber Risk Exposure Calculator

Download the Cyber Risk Exposure Calculator here…

An image of an open padlock sitting on top of a laptop keyboard. The words "physically protect your cyber assets" floating to the top left.

Physically Protect Your Cyber Assets

When it comes to securing cyber-assets, many people often think only of mitigating cyber-risks like spam, phishing and malware. However, cyber-assets can also be compromised physically.

Clusters of question marks lying in an unordered way on the grey ground. Most of the question marks are the same colour grey. Some are a hot, red colour. Below this the words "How to Understand and Respond to a Data Breach" float in the same red colour.

How to Understand and Respond to a Data Breach

No company is immune to a data breach. Many small employers believe they elude the attention of hackers. Yet studies have shown this is not true. Nearly 75% of data breaches were at companies with 100 or fewer employees.

A picture of four CCTV cameras in a row sitting high above the camera, watching over the surrounding area.. There is an overlay on the image of a green rectangle to the left where the words "Guidelines For The Use Of CCTV". The number 101 sits above.

Guidelines for Using CCTV

Many businesses organisations, and even individuals use CCTV. One of the most common reasons for doing so is for security; businesses might monitor shoppers and passers-by for suspicious or criminal behaviour.