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Paul Knight

A collection of photos of Paul Knight at work and on the Golf Course.

Account Executive

Education level: Cert CII.

Sector experience: Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Property Owners.

Years of industry experience: Have had 4 years as a Financial Adviser, working in the life Insurance industry before moving into the Commercial Insurance industry in 1996.

Star sign: Leo.

Favourite cake: Any one I’m offered!

Drink: In limited quantities. I’ve found over the years it’s more fun watching the drunken antics of those around you, rather than being the one to say sorry the next day!

Interests outside of BEAM: Golf, family and good friendships.

Riskiest activity ever taken part in: Sharing a room with David Johnston (our Managing Director) on a golf weekend – give me sky diving without a chute any time!!

Interesting fact: I have more clothes than my wife and more golf shoes than Nike!


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