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Kevin Maddox

A collage of pictures of Kevin Maddox. There is one to the left of him behind a camera which sat on a tripod. There is Kevin's staff photo, and blow that is a picture of Kevin sitting on top of a Jet Ski in a life jacket. To the right is a final picture of him presenting at the front of a room.

Head of Marketing and Sales

Education level: Degree.

Sector experience: logistics, engineering, manufacturing, professional services.

Years of industry experience: 25.

Star sign: Virgo.

Favourite cake: Fruit – certainly no nuts!!

Drink: usually a nice Rioja or if late evening, a warming single malt.

Interests outside of BEAM: most sports, more spectating than playing nowadays.

Riskiest activity ever taken part in: Hill Climb racing.

Interesting fact: I had a job polishing helmets – including the one worn by Nigel Mansell.