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Heather Adams

A picture of Heather Adams smiling.

Digital Marketer RITTech AMBCS

Education level: MTA and CIW in HTML 5 application development and site development, another CIW in internet business and two BCS in Level 3 Certificate in Marketing Principles and Level 3 Certificate in Digital Marketing Business Principles.

Sector experience: Website development, rebranding, graphic design, ideography, photography, video and photo editing, social media posting, campaigning, and coding specifically.

Years of industry experience: 1 year so far.

Star sign: Virgo.

Favourite cake: Jamaican Ginger Bread. The taste of my childhood.

Drink: As much Fanta Fruit Twist I can get my hands on.

Interests outside of BEAM: Reading, dancing, poetry, fitness and a good night out with friends.

Riskiest activity ever taken part in: Stood at the highest point of Clent during storm Doris. Was very nearly blown away.

Interesting fact: I have a GCSE in Astronomy and my thumbs are double jointed. I had no social media profiles until I was 17. Surprising for someone who has decided to pursue it as a career.