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Danny Lane

A collection of photos of Danny, his family, at work and dressed as a Peaky Blinder.

Account Executive

Education level: Law and Business Law Degree and Certificate in Insurance CII.

Sector experience: Property Owners/Developers/Investors and Legal indemnities.

Years of industry experience: 11 Years +

Star sign: Leo.

Favourite cake: Carrot.

Drink: Pilsner or Craft Lager.

Interests outside of BEAM: Family, Rugby, Laughing and Trying to keep fit!

Riskiest activity ever taken part in: Working In Insurance, I tend to try and Manage Risks or remove them all together. That being said, I’m sure my 5yr old boy will change this!

Interesting fact: When I was about 8, I raised the alarm to a fire in the garage next door to my Dad’s where a man was working on a car and he hadn’t noticed. I was rewarded about £2.50.