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Absolute Risk Solutions Ltd

A picture of Jonathan Hughes smiling.

Jon Hughes


Sector experience: Over 16 Years

Years of industry experience: Over 24 Years

Star sign: Pisces

Favourite cake: I like all of them!

Drink: Gin and Tonic

Interests outside of BEAM: Spending time with the family, football, running, golf and socialising

Riskiest activity ever taken part in: Climbing Cader Idris

Interesting fact: I look like the bloke out of Blades of Glory and Napoleon Dynamite!

A picture of Rachael Butler smiling.

Rachael Butler

Account Handler

Years of industry experience: 20 years in Financial Services

Star sign: Aquarius

Favourite cake: Chocolate

Drink: Coffee, white, one sugar

Interests outside of BEAM: Shopping

Riskiest activity ever taken part in: Paragliding

Interesting fact: I trained as a make-up artist in a previous life!