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About Us

Business transparency is more than simple honesty. We understand that our transparency will improve our client’s peace of mind. Peace of mind that you and your business are insure hands.

At BEAM, we continue to improve our high standards of transparency. We regularly review our communications with our clients and our team. With an approach to honesty through regular feedback, we ensure that we maintain our mutual respect for all people that we meet with.



Where we came from.

A brief history of where BEAM came from and how we became what we are today.

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You may be wondering if we can provide insurance for what you need. The answer is probably “yes”, but before we go too much further, please allow us to take a look at your business and give you the benefit of our many years’ experience.

To give you some comfort at this stage, we can place cover on over 150 different types of insurance. These range from the more common Property and Liability covers, through to more recent cover, such as Cyber Liability, and everything else in between.

We have placed some weird and wonderful cover, over the years, such as Kidnap and Ransom and Lottery Wins, so you can be safe to say, that if you’re in need of some insurance cover, we have a very good chance of being able to place it for you.

Not only do we cover the more usual business losses due to theft and accidents at work, we also cover the less well known, but potentially hard-hitting losses, like Directors and Officers Liability – which covers a director’s personal responsibility to a business such as health and safety provisions.

If you are in need of some Insurance cover, or unsure whether your product can be insured for a competitive price, please contact us on 0121 585 5725, and we will give you our expert knowledge and experience, here at BEAM, to find the best cover for you.


Our Free Insurance Health Checks…


Property Services

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Of course, we include buildings, loss of rent and property owners liability. Does your cover comply with your lease obligations? Do you get assistance to collect payments from your commercial tenants? Are you compliant with your lender warranties? Have you assessed if your building sum insured is adequate against the building definition in your policy? This is usually the first thing a Loss Adjuster will look at when handling a claim, but often the last thing a Broker will consider!


Manufacturing / Engineering

A picture of an engineers diagram with a drawing implement hanging above it.

Of course, we cover your property, liabilities and business interruption. But does this dovetail with your disaster recovery and business continuity plans? Are you able to defend yourself against the latest Ministry of Justice Reforms? Is your health and safety compliant with the latest regulations? Often we can get funding from your insurer to pay towards the costs of improving your systems by way of a risk management fund.

We recognise that businesses within the manufacturing and engineering industries can be very different, and that your insurance needs reflect this. We work with you to make sure you have the appropriate cover you need to protect your business. We tailor insurance to suit your business.



A shot from above of a construction site. There is a digger poised to bite in to the ground.

Of course, we cover the materials, the building, your plant, and equipment. But does the cover comply with your terms of engagement? Are you familiar with your insurance obligations under JCT? Do you receive guidance on non-negligence cover, performance bonds and delay in start-up covers? Do you comply with your policy terms on height/depth limits, using heat and bona fide sub-contractors, pollution and working at hazardous locations?
We are recognised experts in this field.


Professional Services

An empty board room.

Of course, we shall arrange cover compliant with your regulatory body. But do you get advice and support with your terms of engagement and collateral warranties? Does someone guide you through the completion of the annual declaration form? In person, if it helps. Our experience in handling claims is second to none. When that allegation comes in that questions your professional ability, we are there to support you all the way.


General Business

A row of shops in Halesowen Town Centre on a busy afternoon.

Of course, we cover your property, liabilities and business interruption. But does someone probe into the heart of your business to ensure you have the best value for your needs? We help to reduce your risks and protect your company. BEAM has a first-class understanding of commercial insurance and risk management and we will use our expertise to ensure we detect any unseen risks and secure the optimum solution for your needs, chosen and tailored to suit your business activities.


High Net Worth

A picture of the skyline of Birmingham city centre against a blue sky.

Of course we provide accidental damage/loss cover for your property with relatively high article limits. But have you had a home visit to assess the level of your contents?

We have always found the sums insured need to be amended, often by a substantial amount. Does your level of security comply with the policy terms? We provide assistance in person to ensure your arrangements are suitable and to ensure you have the most appropriate cover. Do you want to waste your time trying to speak to someone at a remote call centre, or would you prefer advice from someone who has seen your home?

Our high net worth insurance policies provide you with total reassurance. Our service includes access to specialist security advice and professional independent advice on Insurance values.


Motor Trade

A row of new Audi cars parked in a row, waiting to be sold.

Of course we cover your property, liabilities, business interruption and vehicles at your premises and on the road. But do you receive advice and support completing your annual declaration ? In person, if it helps.

Are you sure you are with the right insurer for your business? … policies do work differently with different insurers. Do you have specific extensions ? for example, Unaccompanied Demonstration and Conversion for used vehicles.

BEAM is experienced in arranging motor trade insurance and offers a complete range of policies to meet your specific needs to ensure you are protected. Whether you are a ‘one man band’ or a multiple dealerships, we can provide a bespoke motor trade policy, providing cover for your premises, contents, general stock, vehicles, loss of profits, liabilities and road risks.

Contact us to find out more on 0121 585 5725


Claims Handling

We have a dedicated claims team available 24/7, should the need arise. You will be given a single point of contact for advice and guidance who will support you through to a satisfactory conclusion.

An image that shows all four members of the claims team.
In the event that you need to make a claim, you will find BEAM on hand to assist you in every step of the way.

We pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled level of personal service and we understand that achieving a satisfactory settlement can make all the difference to you operating your business.

Contact during business hours:

Telephone: 0121 585 5725 | Email: claims@beaminsure.co.uk

Contact outside of business hours:

Should you need to report a new motor claim please contact our Claims Service on 0120 456 7567

To report a new non-motor claim please contact Debra Breese on 07792 158216


Meet the team

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David JohnstonManaging Director

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Sarah CookseyOperations Director

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Jayne JohnstonReceptionist & Director's PA

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Kevin MaddoxHead of Sales and Marketing

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Kate CartwrightBroking Manager

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Paul KnightAccount Executive

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Mat McSwigganAccount Executive

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Amanda WidnallAccount Executive

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Lisa DaviesSME Account Handler

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Gemma TedstoneSME Account Handler

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Nicola MackenzieSME Account Handler

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David RollasonSME Account Handler

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Lauren HutchingsTrainee SME Account Handler

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Heather AdamsDigital Marketer RITTech AMBCS

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Trish ParrAgency Manager

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Karen BlountHub Manager

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Dianne RichardsonSenior Account Handler

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Louise BallSenior Account Handler

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Sharon SmartSenior Account Handler

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Donna McMahonSenior Account Handler

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Mandy KeggansAccount Handler

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Sam WinrowSenior Account Handler

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Andrea HawkswoodCredit Control

A picture of Debra Breese smiling.
Debra BreeseClaims Consultant

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James PearsonSenior Claims Handler

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Claire WalkerClaims Handler

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Carrie SchofieldSenior Claims Handler

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Jonathan HughesDirector of Absolute Risk Solutions Ltd

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Rachael ButlerAccount Handler for Absolute Risk Solutions Ltd

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James BathamFounder of Spire Landlord Solutions

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Chris WheatleyFounder of Wheatley's Insurance Brokers

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Kerry WheatleyFounder of Wheatley's Insurance Brokers

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