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Our Core Values

Your Business "Insure" Hands


Being transparent as a business is the foundation of our business principles. On an internal basis, we maintain the practice of maintaining open lines of communication with employees.


We understand that customers are the heartbeat of our business. We strive in our daily routines to develop trust with our clients, and remain honest about company operations.


The basis of what we do every day is centred on our knowledge. We use a variety of methods to ensure that our clients receive the very best advice in the business environment today.

The words "Robell Control Systems Limited" in red and black letters. Beside the word "Robell" there is a black play triangle. Each letter in the word "System" is spaced with a red bullet point.

We have been using BEAM since for all of our business insurance since 1996… We are more than happy to recommend the services of BEAM and it is our intention to continue our working relationship with them for the foreseeable future.

Robell Control Systems Limited

The words "Comptec" in blue against a sunny yellow background. The text is enclosed in a long oval that is flat on the top and the bottom. Beside the text is a small area that is blue with a bright yellow wheel in the middle.

We have been using the service of BEAM since 2012... Due to the outstanding support we have received we have now switched all our companies over to BEAM.


The words "Jackson Developments" in a pale blue font against a white background.

On the occasions we have needed to call upon our policies, the team at BEAM has always provided us with a high level of service and assistance, which has reinforced our decision to work with them over the past 23 years.

R & M Jackson Developments

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We have established a high level of confidence in our Account Manager Paul Knight, our business is quite bespoke and only certain insurance companies will cover the type of work that we do... We have no qualms in recommending the services of BEAM, and indeed we intend our own working relationship to continue...

5th Dimension Tooling Limited

Our Blog

the words "Key Health and Safety Concerns in Construction" on a white background.
24th April 2019 No Comments

Key Health and Safety Concerns in Construction

The HSE RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) offers a visual representation of the most fatal sector in the UK, the construction industry.

A mass of envelopes flying across the screen. Under them the words "Make Your Email Marketing Compliant" hang.
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Make Your Email Marketing Compliant

Over the years, marketing campaigns have evolved from the simple, en masse postal delivery to the more audience-specific electronic system.

A cloud stencil in from of the blue sky with a real cloud drifting behind it. The words "Using Cloud Storage Safely" hang below it.
16th April 2019 No Comments

Using Cloud Storage Safely

For businesses looking to share resources quickly and effectively, cloud storage can be an attractive answer.